One Cat Mom’s “Litter”ally Honest Review of the Litter-Robot

Cynthia Taura
7 min readJul 1, 2021
The Litter-Robot

Picture It!

  • The dread!
  • The smell!


What time is it? Yup, it’s time to scoop the litter…AGAIN!

You love your feline friends:

  • purring
  • sleeping on your lap
  • cuddling

But the dreaded litter box. How can you clean it without feeling like you’re going to gag?

Behold — The Litter-Robot!

Before we get into more information about the Litter-Robot, let’s go over some other options that cat parents have:

  • open litter pans
  • high-sided litter pans
  • hooded litter pans
  • domed shaped litter boxes with steps
  • self-cleaning litter boxes

No matter what option you choose, having a clean litter box for your cat is essential for their health and your sanity.

The most common reasons why a clean litter box is important are to

prevent odor

put a stop to your cat from avoiding the litter box.

Pet parents who don’t scoop at least once a day (preferably twice) run the risk of their cat using the bathroom outside of the litter box.

Think about it.

Would you use the toilet if it hasn’t been flushed by the last person who used it?

It’s the same with cats.

It doesn’t start and end there, either.

Tofu Kitty Club ( other potentially damaging results of neglecting litter box hygiene. Again, people and cats can both be affected.

The most common feline health risk is:

Urinary and kidney problems — We all know that cats can be very finicky about pretty much anything.

A dirty litter box is no exception.

If a cat’s litter box isn’t clean, they will hold it in to avoid stepping onto the dirty litter.



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